Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Officials at concert venues are speaking out after the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Colonial Life Arena released this statement saying:

The safety of fans is always a top priority at all university events. Security procedures are constantly reviewed and modified as potential threats and emerging issues arise. Examples include the clear plastic bag policy implemented in the summer of 2016, an increased use of metal detectors magnetometers and the enhanced presence of uniformed law enforcement officers at events.

Unfortunately, tragic events like the one that occurred Sunday in Las Vegas cannot always be prevented. Our Division of Law Enforcement and Safety as well as other agencies around the country do learn from these events and work to implement best practices. We also train year-round with other area law enforcement and first responders to ensure we are as prepared as possible if an emergency does arise. We have developed protocols related specifically to active shooter scenarios and frequently train for the eventuality in conjunction with local agency partners.

As always, fans and event staff are reminded that security is everyone’s responsibility and are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to law enforcement; if you see something, say something.