Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A new law went into effect over the summer to fix South Carolina roads.

Known as the roads bill, the law puts a two cent increase on gas per gallon to generate extra money to go into the state's infrastructure.

But starting in 2018, some drivers could get that money back.

"Starting on January 1st, 2018, any resident interested in claiming this credit will need to start saving their receipts for their gas purchases made in south carolina," saiys Bonnie Swingle with the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

The tax increase on the roads bill was needed to pay for infrastructure and repairs to state roads..

"I drive trucks and the roads in South Carolina are horrible," said Jimmy Murcier, a South Carolina driver. "They're bumpy, you can flat your tire, crack your rim, and can do bad damage to your cars."

But if you hold on to those receipts at the pump, or for oil changes, you could see that money back in your account

"Each taxpayer can claim up to two vehicles as long as they're registered in their name in South Carolina," Swingle says. 'They can get the preventive maintenance or the increased costs of the gas tax back."

You don't need to turn the receipts in, but you will need them to help calculate your costs and in case of an audit.

The gas tax will increase two cents each year so by 2022. There will be a total of 12 cents added at the pump by that time.

Start keeping the receipts at the beginning of the year. You'll use those when you file for the tax credit starting with the tax returns that will be due in April 2019.

The Department of Revenue says don't expect to see the tax credit form online until January 2019.