Columbia, SC (WLTX) - One of the most common questions we've received the last few days is, "How can I help the people of Houston?"

Many of us have an idea of what the people of Houston and the surrounding areas throughout Texas are going through. We've faced similar nightmares whether it was during the 2015 Historic Flood or Hurricane Matthew.

Social media played a major role in keeping us connected, checking in with family members and friends, letting others know we were safe as well as sharing other people's information and trying to get them help.

The same is going on there.

A photograph of elderly residents at the La Vitta Bella nursing home in Dickinson, Texas showed the water rising above their waists. It was retweeted and shared thousands of times on Twitter before the National Guard and other emergency crews rescued them.

A distress tweet was sent out by a mother with two children who couldn't connect with 911. The tweet was retweeted over 14,000 times and they too were rescued.

But unfortunately we know that not everyone survives such disasters. Our sister station KHOU recently reported that a 60-year-old woman died after a tree fell on her home.

People around the country saw stories similar to these during our time of need and sent help to organizations and people throughout South Carolina. With so many of you asking us how you can do the same we've compiled a list of organizations that you can get in touch with. You can find that list by clicking here.