Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Hundreds of people headed to Chapin today for the 38th Annual Labor Day Festival and Parade.

“Everybody likes the day off,” Chapin Resident Taylor Bonvillain explained. “I think it’s important because I feel without a workforce nothing would get done. I mean everybody’s got their own part in it.”

“I think it’s pretty cool, that we celebrate the American worker by taking the day off, and just appreciating that fact,” Robert Ployhart said. “I mean we work harder in this country than most any other country, and I think it’s good that we recognize it and appreciate it by having the opportunity to spend with your family.

“I think it’s great because I get time to play with them,” 9-year-old Ella Ployhart said of the extra time she gets with her parents on Labor Day.

“It’s nice to remember that what we do on a daily basis isn’t taken for granted and that we can show our support to all those people that work,” Erin Cawood said. “A nice relaxing day to have off and to spend with family and friends here in our hometown.”

There were bands, floats, giveaways, and even animals in the parade with 150 groups in all participating.

“I think El Poblano’s definitely took the cake in best float,” Bonvillain said.

“It is gotten a lot bigger, floats each year they seem to out do each other a little bit more so the competition between floats gets better every year,” Ployhart said. “This is fantastic. It’s just a great opportunity for the community to come together you see friends that you haven’t seen a long time just fantastic.”

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