Columbia, S.C. (WLTX)-- A Charleston family, who evacuated to Columbia ahead of Hurricane Matthew, lost their cat while here. They're asking you to help find her and return her home.

The cat's name is Autumn. Her human family, The Ragers, evacuated to Columbia, from Charleston, on Wednesday, October 5, 2016, as Hurricane Matthew threatened the coast. Sally Rager says they boarded Autumn in a kennel, since they'd be in Columbia for several days.

After the storm, the family received word they could return home the next day and check for damage to their home, so they picked Autumn up from the kennel and kept her at the hotel where they were staying. Autumn got out of the room the next morning, when her owner brought their dog in from a walk. That was October 9th. She hasn't been seen since.

The Rager family was staying at the Motel 6, located at 1776 Burning Tree Drive; that's off Interstate 26 in Columbia. They've been back several times since the storm looking for her. They've had help, from some Good Samaritans in the community, handing out flyers but Autumn is still missing.

Autum is a brown Tabby cat with white and orange markings. She has a microchip, but Sally Rager says no one has brought her in to any of the local shelters to be scanned. Rager says she and the family are worried, imagining what may have happened to Autumn.

If you've seen the cat, the Ragers ask that you please notify your local animal rescue so they can get in contact with the family.