Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The effects of Harvey hit close to home for people in South Carolina, and some folks feel like the only way they can help is by heading straight to the flood zone.

"I felt like we needed to do something," said Joey Lemmon. "We're a small tear in the bucket, compared to what they are going through."

After experiencing the October 2015 flood and Hurricane Matthew, Lemmon knew he needed to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

"We lost neighborhoods and stuff, they lost towns. They are going through a similar thing, but on a different level," he said.

Lemmon, along with ten others, are taking the 17-hour drive to Humble, Texas, hauling at least five boats.

"What we're seeing on social media is an outcry for the need of boats and drivers as soon as possible down there," said Lemmon.

But they're doing more than providing search and rescue for those in need. The group collected donations for two days - anything from clothes, food and diapers to cat and dog food.

"Nex thing I know, we have a 20-foot truck full."

Friends, co-workers and strangers all spent money on necessities for those in Texas.

"Absolutely amazing how quick that we can come together to help each other out," said Lemmon.

This isn't the first time Lemmon is lending a hand to a community that was hit by a natural disaster. Twelve years ago, he traveled to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit.

"Trying to help get churches back straight, homes cleaned out, people getting back to where there is something, some sign of life," said Lemmon.

Just over a decade later, Lemmon is hitting the road once again to help those that helped him nearly two years ago.

"I just felt like it's what God would want me to do," he said.

The group is expected to be back in the Midlands by next Tuesday.