Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Sunday is National Ice Cream Day and thousands are celebrating by indulging in some ice cream.

Triple Scoop has been serving residents of the Midlands since February 2016. April Simpson and Dominic James have three children, so they wanted to try and manage a full-time job with the part-time job of being an ice cream vendor.

"It's great extra money, but the best part is meeting great people," Simpson says.

Triple Scoop serves birthday parties, corporate events, and cookouts.

"I got the Rainbow Pop. I never tried it before because it's new," Allyn Boucher says.

The greatest part about the job: "Seeing the kids jump up and down. It gets you motivated and it makes you realize why you're out here in the heat. You're bringing joy to the kids," Simpson says.

The hours vary when Simpson and James are riding around in the lime green and yellow ice cream truck.

"Sometimes it can be a three-hour day and sometimes it can be a nine-hour day. We never know, but it's always an adventure," Simpson says.

If you would like Triple Scoop to come to your birthday party or corporate event, you can contact April Simpson at or visit their Facebook page.