Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Although the temperatures have been warm, people in the midlands were ice skating on Thursday. That is because the Main Street Ice ice skating rink took over Columbia for the fifth year.

"Everybody has those things that they do in the holidays that they really enjoy," said Lydia Hicks, an attendee.

One of those things is right down Main Street in Columbia.

"We open Main Street Ice on Thanksgiving day to kickoff the holiday season," said Shireese Bell, public and media relations manager with the City of Columbia.

Bell says it is bringing the ice to the famously hot city.

"Yea that's what's unique about Main Street Ice," Bell said, "South Carolina is a warm state so we don't get a lot of snow."

So families flocked to the little circle of winter in the heart of the city.

"It's really neat to try something that's not native to your area," Hicks said.

Hicks says it gets her in the holiday spirit.

"You just come out here and it makes you feel all Christmas-y and warm and fuzzy inside," Hicks said.

Some people hung on to the wall, while others were more adventurous.

"You skate around and it feels like you're just sliding, and it's fun to fall because that means you're learning," said eight-year-old Charles Rhoden, another attendee.

There definitely were some spills, but there was also some dancing, and people just being people.

"It makes you feel really happy to see other families having fun and you know, it makes you feel connected," Hicks said.

"I love it, just the little kids," Darby Sutton, another attendee, "I love little kids, I love to help them if they need help."

"It's just the perfect setting you know, the families here and enjoying themselves and having a little fun," Bell said.