A new ordinance in the Town of Irmo may make you park farther from your front door.

Jeremy Scruggs has been living in the town for a decade, but he's a little confused about this new law. "The driveway is a single car. It gets inconvenient to have to shuffle around cars," said Scruggs.

That's exactly what Jeremy and his family will have to do soon because of a new law in the town.

The Irmo Town Council passed an ordinance banning residents from parking cars out on their front lawn.

WLTX put a Twitter poll up to see what people thought about the new law, and 62 percent of folks didn't agree with the ordinance.

One person said they get it but they don't have enough room for all the people living at his home to park in the driveway.

Many people in Irmo are concerned that if they can't park out on their own front lawn and they don't have a driveway big enough, they'll be forced to park out in the street which could be a safety concern for kids.

"I'd rather park on the lawn and get the kids out than have to park in the middle of the street because I can do that downtown and my nerves are already up doing that," said Scruggs.

We reached out to Irmo town leaders to find out what prompted the new law, but no one was able to speak with us.

We do know the new ordinance goes into effect February 1st of 2018, and if people don't follow this law, they could be fined nearly $1,100.

Scruggs plans on following the new law, but he also hopes the zoning administrator finds out a way to help those who are disabled and need to be close to their front door.

"Some of these houses aren't built with that in mind. If this ordinance is going to keep, I hope that they allow them to switch things up for their sake," said Scruggs.

If anyone needs to know if their driveway needs to be changed or if they need special assistance, they can call the Irmo zoning administrator for more information.