Lexington County, SC (WLTX) - There are less than 50 days until Christmas and you may have noticed signs of the season throughout the Midlands.

Jason Shannon owns The Illumineers Custom Holiday Light Installers in Lexington and said they've been working around the clock getting their customers ready for Christmas.

"We started about the 23rd of October," Shannon said.

Window displays at stores throughout the Midlands already have Santa on display.

“It's earlier and earlier every year and it's before Halloween or at Halloween now. When I was a kid it was after Thanksgiving and everything was condensed and everything was heightened and all of the anticipation was greater and I thought the celebration was greater," Stuart Hamilton said.

Caroline Bennett said it depends on how you look at it.

"If you're focusing on the buying aspect of Christmas then it can be annoying, but if you focus on the real meaning of Christmas and the coming of our Savior than you could really celebrate Christmas every day of the year," she said.

And Jack Mills said it does seem to be coming earlier and earlier, but this year it may be needed more than ever.

"The things that have gone on around the world and in this town, this year has been kind of a downer for a lot of things. You had 5,000 people lose their job up their and just numerous things this year that we never had before, so hopefully Christmas will be and alright season, so everyone will enjoy that," Mills said.

As for Shannon and the Illumineers, they’ve got at least two homes to light on Wednesday and just finished light Northside Baptist Church.