Las Vegas, NV (WLTX) - A South Carolina native who now lives in Las Vegas is sharing her story after being blocks away from the Las Vegas Shooting.

Lori Cox grew up in Charleston and went to high school in the Myrtle Beach area and later moved out to Las Vegas.

She went out to hockey game at T-Mobile arena Sunday night but later went out to hang out with friends.

“I left my house last night to go back out to meet some friends for my friends birthday. We were at Town Square which is an outdoor mall about a mile away from the Mandalay Bay," said Cox.

Cox and her group of friends hung out at a bar near the mall but then a video of the shooting popped up on their newsfeed.

"Showed me his phone and said there was a shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival which we knew was right up the street. My neighbor and I had gone together so I said, 'Let's go. We need to get home right now,” said Cox.

She’s been to the same festival in years past but said she decided to not go this time around.

“It was scary because it was so close to me but the other thing was I’ve went to that concert before. I didn’t go this year but we could’ve been there,” said Cox.

Although she was safe, Cox was concerned for her friends.

"I've had a lot of friends that were there. They all pretty much checked in safe on the Facebook. There's 58 victims, so I'm willing to bet somebody I know is going to be listed in there or a friend of a friend," emotionally explained Cox.

Although shootings have happened in other places in the United States, she says it’s hard to believe it happened in her backyard.

"You see it happening in Charleston and it's in other cities. It's not in your city. Now this is the worst in history and it's here. It's real,” said Cox.

Cox is now joining others in the area to help donate blood to help those hurting and she’s continuing to think of those affected by the shootings.