Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Many Florida and Georgia residents hit the road and headed north to try and get out or Hurricane Irma's path.

"This is going to be one of the worst storms we've ever seen," said Susan Lippincott, a Florida resident.

The highways were packed with visitors as they were trying to evacuate over the last few days.

"I got a granddaughter that's 7 months pregnant and two great-grandkids here, so I'm not willing to risk it," said Lita Hawkins Gonzales, a Georgia resident.

Hawkins Gonzales lives 45 miles from the coast in Georgia, but with Hurricane Irma's uncertain path, she doesn't know what to expect when she gets back home next week.

"We live in a manufactured home, so if it goes, it goes. I'm not worried about it. What's important is in the car with us right now," she said.

John Fogle and his family loaded up the van and headed north from Sebastian, Florida Friday morning.

"I'm just trying to get away from it, so I can protect my family. My main concern was for my oldest daughter, Julie, because she's physically handicapped and I just didn't want to take any chances," he said.

Unlike most Floridians, Lippincott is heading south, after spending six weeks in Martha's Vineyard. But she is waiting out the storm in Columbia.

"I had a friend break in a window and get my valuables out, so the rest is left to the Good Lord, but what else can you do. You don't want to lose any life," she said.

It's an uncertain time for people in Florida and Georgia, but they are trying to stay optimistic.

"I would love to see us get away with little damage as possible, so we can go back to our homes and continue on with our lives and certainly no one getting hurt," said Fogle.