Nichols, SC (WLTX) -- It's been nine months since Hurricane Matthew and many people along the coast are still dealing with its aftermath.

Last year, lawmakers approved $700 thousand in recovery funds to go toward the town of Nichols. Now, after months of hard work, things are turning around.

"It was devastating to me and it was scary," said Carolyn Boykin.

Flood water swallowed Nichols last year during Hurricane Matthew. More than 15 inches of rain fell in Marion County, ruining hundreds of homes in the process.

"All my things that I had for years, my grandmother's and mother's, were ruined. It was hard to see the things you worked for all your life get destroyed," said Boykin through tears.

Her home was flooded to just below the bottom of the shutters. The home was no longer livable, so Boykin rented a trailer in Dillon County.

Now, nine months later, Boykin has received the keys to her newly-repaired home.

"I'm feeling excitement. It's like Christmas in July," she said.

With the help of FEMA, Palmetto Disaster Recovery and the town, repairs to Boykin's home began in May.

Her home is the ninth home to be renovated in Nichols.

"This is a really big deal for the town of Nichols. This is them celebrating the beginning of something," said Rita Pratte, the disaster recovery advisor.

Residents say it's going to be a process to continue fixing homes in the area, but Boykin says Nichols is slowly, but surely, making its comeback.

"I know Nichols will rebuild and everyone will move back and it'll be a wonderful town," she said.

Boykin plans to start moving back into her home this weekend.