Clarendon County, SC (WLTX) -- Black ice continues to be a problem in Clarendon County, plus snow and ice remain on the less traveled secondary roads.

On Wednesday night, a tractor trailer struggled to drive up a hill in downtown Manning, as ice coated the streets. But just 24 hours later, most of the main roads are clear of snow and ice.

"It's like day and night difference," said Tim Seamon.

But the back roads and roads that haven't been hit by the sun are still in poor condition.

According to Corporal David Jones with the South Carolina Highway Patrol, within a 24-hour period, there were 89 car crashes in Clarendon and Sumter counties. At the same time last year, Highway Patrol responded to just nine crashes in those counties.

"You should come and expect to see more ice on the roadways and more poor conditions," said Jones.

While the roads may look clear and drivers may think they can go the speed limit, Jones advises to use caution.

"They go 4-5 miles and everything is great, and then when they turn a curve, all of a sudden there's a huge patch of ice," he said.

If drivers find themselves sliding on ice and snow, Jones advises not to slam on the breaks. He also advises not to use cruise control on the back roads, as those may not be fully cleared of snow.