LAS VEGAS, Nevada (WLTX) -- A local NASCAR driver was on the strip when the chaos broke out in Las Vegas Sunday night. Columbia-native Jordan Anderson was there for the Camping World Truck Series race.

"It almost seems so surreal to see everything going on," said Anderson.

Anderson and his crew were dropped off outside the Luxor, which is across the street from the Mandalay Bay hotel. He said they were going to walk the strip and check out the sites.

"We got out of Uber and we could hear Jason Aldean playing across the street," he said.

According to Anderson, they walked inside a casino and walked back outside, which was within a few minutes.

"That's when we saw people running outside the casino and all the commotion going on."

At that point, details were limited, so Anderson hopped on Twitter, trying to figure out what was going on and trying to stay aware. He said, at first, there were threats of multiple shooters.

"I actually had friends at the concert. They were in the front row of the concert. What I heard from my buddy was that they thought it was fireworks. After the second break and a bunch of people started running towards the exit was when it sunk in," said Anderson.

With more than 50 people dead and another 500+ wounded, Anderson said he is still praying for those families affected.

"Unbelievably sad and we've just been praying for everyone here in the whole city. That was an awful tragedy to see."

Anderson and his crew were going to stay in Las Vegas a few more days, but they've decided to head back to North Carolina.