Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The Kentucky fan wounded in the shooting in Columbia's Vista early this month has gotten engaged at the hospital.

Denise Massey's boyfriend, Jimmy Brannon, posted on Facebook a picture of her hand with the engagement ring on it.

"It's official," he wrote.

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The couple, who's from Kentucky, had come to town to watch the USC-Kentucky football game. They spent hours in the Vista enjoying themselves, eating in restaurants, and as Brannon put it, "having the time of their lives." But around 2 a.m. on September 16th, a gun battle broke out between two rival groups along Park Street in Columbia. Eight people were hit by gunfire, including Massey.

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Brannon says the bullet hit her on the cheek, shattering some bone, and exited the back of her neck, cutting a carotid artery. It narrowly missed her spinal cord.

However, the woman has been recovering, and could be released from the hospital in the coming days. Brannon says she'll have to have an additional surgery once she gets back home.

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She'll also have to wear a neck brace for some time.