Pomaria, SC (WLTX) - The effects of the decision to stop construction at VC Summer can be seen trickling down into the surrounding communities. Employees at Wilson's Grocery and Liquor Store in Pomaria say things haven't been the same since the shutdown.

The grocery store sells a little bit of everything, but after the shutdown, it has been a whole lot of nothing.

"It's been really tough and slow," said Holly Hogan, an employee.

The shelves at the store may be full, but the aisles are empty.

"We have, you know, our everyday usuals that's been coming in for years, but we would be busy," Hogan said. "There'd be a good many people in here."

The employees say this is sad for them, because the crowds that used to drink their slushies and eat their hamburgers weren't just customers - they were friends.

"We look for them everyday," Hogan said.

"Every day between 2:30PM and 6:30PM," employee Whitney Lever added, "and knowing they're not going to show up is sad."

They're not the only ones feeling like something is missing.

"It's so strange this time of day everything being empty," said frequent employee Julie Franklin.

Franklin says it's a shame.

"Shot the businesses to heck and back," Franklin said, "and the way they did everything it was like leading these people out the pack to the slaughter really, is how they took them out at work."

Hogan and Lever say for now, they're taking things day by day.