Charleston, SC (WLTX) - A South Carolina State Representative wants to ban a device that allowed the Las Vegas mass shooter to fire shots more quickly during the massacre.

Rep. Leon Stavrinakis of Charleston says he'll pre-file a bill in December to outlaw what's known as a "bump-stock." The device can be attached to a semi-automatic rifle to allow it to fire longer bursts of gunfire.

Law enforcement in Nevada says the Las Vegas shooter used the device during his 11 minute long shooting rampage. Officers say that allowed a burst of gunfire that was similar to what one would see with a fully automatic weapon.

"Simply put, the use of bump stocks is a loophole that allows legal firearms to replicate illegal ones," said Stavrinakis. "As we have so unfortunately now learned, in the wrong hands bump stocks can be a tool for mass murder. These devices can turn our community into a killing field where neither civilians nor law enforcement has a chance in the line of fire. Banning bump stocks would not ban or seize a single firearm in this state nor would it deny one person their Second Amendment right to bear arms. I look forward to working on a bipartisan basis to approve this common-sense measure that will make South Carolina a safer place for our families."

There's also a similar call to ban bump stocks at the national level.