Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The University of South Carolina is hosting a yard sale to raise money for Habitat for Humanity.

This is the seventh annual "Give It Up for Good" yard sale that is aimed to helping the Midlands community. The event is being hosted this Saturday from 7 am until 1 pm. Items can be bought for as little as twenty five cents and no higher than thirty dollars.

You can find the yard sale in a warehouse at the corner of Catawba and Sumter Street in Downtown Columbia. The items you can find at this event can range from lights, clothes, or even the not so normal things you think you would find in a college dorm.

"Dorm rooms can fit a lot of things. You name it, we've got it," said University of South Carolina's Recycle Waste Manager, Larry Cook. "We see a lot of costumes. One of the things that surprised me at first was when I went to college, I did not bring a set of dishes. I did not bring a spatula."

Although many people will be looking for an item for their own purpose, the money they give will help donate to a great purpose. According to the Habitat for Humanity, one out of four families in the Richland and Lexington counties are living in poverty. The organizations goal is to help families in need and provide them affordable housing. South Carolina is ranked ninth in the country for poverty rate.

House owner Services Director, Emily Fernald, wants folks to realize how much they would be impacting the community.

"I hope they walk away with something, maybe something they didn't even know they needed or had been looking for, for a long time but I hope they walk away with knowing that even just being here is really helping us fight the effort for affordable housing in Richland and Lexington counties."

Fernald says that USC is helping making the organization's dream come true.

"USC is trying to build it out each year so we can build a house," said Fernald. "If we didn't continue it and keep it going, that dream wouldn't come alive and that's just one individual or another family that wouldn't get a home."

For those wanting to go to the yard sale early, doors open at 7AM until 1 PM or until everything is gone.