Columbia, S.C. (WLTX) - When it comes to someone cheating in your relationship, you have the option to love it or leave it.

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Certified life and relationship coach, Troy Spry shares some tell-tell signs of when you need to leave the relationship.

How to know when to let go:

1. Lack of reciprocation (no give and take in the relationship)
2. Any type of abuse (mental, emotional, physical, verbal)
3. If hope is the only thing you're holding on to (hoping they will change or things will get better, but without any real action behind it)
4. Consistent disrespect, cheating, or selfishness (people in healthy relationships don't consistently have these issues)
5. The relationship is one sided (one person putting in all of the effort while the other benefits. Your mate should be your partner and not a project)
6. Lack of emotional availability (you can't love someone who isn't open to receiving it)