Columbia, S.C. (WLTX) - There are three main kinds of cheating: emotional, physical and financial. For Thursday's Love It Or Leave It segment, we dive deeper to investigate a new kind of cheating: digital infidelity.

Private Investigator, Chandra Cleveland-Jennings shares the red flags of digital infidelity.

The top five signs your partner is using their cell phone and/or social media to cheat:

1. They put away mobile device when you walk into the room

2. They're very protective of their mobile device

3. They use secret coded apps on their mobile device (that store pictures and text messages)

4. They won't answer certain phone calls when you're around

5. There's one certain number that stands out on their phone bill

Cleveland-Jennings has worked in Law Enforcement for 34 years and is the owner of Columbia Private Investigations and Consultants.