Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- It's one weekend the Lower Richland community looks forward to every year. A weekend to keep the memory of a friend alive - by playing a sport he loved.

Todd Williams' life was cut short when he passed away in a car accident at the age of 28 back in 2010.

"Todd always brought joy. He was always a happy person. I've never seen Todd down," said his cousin, John Taylor.

So, the Lower Richland community is keeping his memory alive by hosting an annual basketball tournament with the proceeds going towards a scholarship fund.

"He meant so much to the area and the community because we were all like brothers," said Theo Oates III.

In it's 8th year, it's the one weekend that everyone comes together, playing the sport Todd loved.

"We try to get all the basketball generations in the Midlands together, and try to have a good time," said Taylor.

'Live Life to the Fullest' echoes throughout the tournament and that phrase is exactly what Williams' friends and family are living by.

"You never know when your time is up, so you want to enjoy people while they're here," said Taylor.