Columbia, SC (WLTX) – One middle school came together on Unity Day to help stop bullying.

There's no easy way to talk about bullying. Seventy percent of kids across the country say they've seen bullying happen in their school. Middle school is one of the toughest times in a student’s life.

Tyler Mcbride, who’s an eighth-grade student, is one kid who’s been bullied before.

"When I was in fourth grade, I got bullied. While I was eating my lunch, they used to put their food in my tray. It made me feel pretty bad. Made me feel I wasn't worth anything," said Mcbride.

Bullied or not, these kids are on the same page. Seventh-grader, Victoria Harris, says bullying is hurtful.
"It's not good to bully each other," said Harris.

Kids broke out the sharpies and markers to sign a pledge, a pledge for justice for all.

"When we see a kid being bullied, we're supposed to speak up, reach out, and be a friend," explained Harris.
Kids throughout the month at the Richland One school have been learning about bullying and how to help prevent it and support one another.

Mcbride is in awe of all the names signing the pledge.

"They're names are here for a reason because they just want to stand up against bullying. They all know bullying isn't right," said Mcbride.

For Mcbride, it's about having each other's back.

"That just shows we're coming together as a school, as a people together. We're fighting bullying all together and we're fighting all of those thing coming our way together as a family," explained Mcbride.

Other people across the country today joined the effort to bring awareness to the issue by wearing the color orange.