Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott says his officers have arrested a habitual burglary suspect who stole over 100 purses.

Lott says 52-year-old David Rice Jr. is now in custody, and has been officially charged with 15 break-ins, but will likely face more charges.

According to Lott, Rice targeted gyms, restaurants, and colleges in the Two Notch Road area. He'd see something in a car, the sheriff said, and would bust out the windows and take what was inside.

He then would use a still unknown female accomplice, who would wear a wig and go to banks to use the stolen credit cards and other financial information.

David Rice 

The sheriff says Rice would use a stolen Jeep to drive to the crimes, and kept changing out the license plates.

Lott said they have multiple surveillance videos showing the suspect commit the crimes.

Eventually, officers got a warrant and searched his home, where they found 103 purses and 13 wigs.

The sheriff says Rice has been stealing for decades.

:He's one of those individuals, he just knows nothing but stealing," Lott said. "The only way to stop him is keep him in prison...He'll just start breaking into cars, and doesn't stop until he gets arrested."

Lott says there were some driver's licenses that were found at the home, and they've begun contacting victims. Twenty have come forward so far, but there's plenty more out there.

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