Kershaw County, SC (WLTX) - Kershaw County deputies say a man first pretended to help a woman who'd just been in a car accident, then would up stealing her cell phone.

Jessie Alexander Wright ,22, is charged with petit larceny.

Around 3:30 Monday afternoon, a woman in an SUV and another vehicle collided on US 1 in Lugoff. The driver said that Wright had been a "Good Samaritan" after the crash, offering her help.

When officers got to the scene, however, the driver told them she couldn't find her phone, and that it had been on the seat next to her. A witness told the officer Wright had been searching in the vehicle, and the deputy called the woman's number. He heard the phone ringing from inside Wright's girlfriend's vehicle, which was nearby. The deputy then asked the girlfriend to give him the phone, and determined, which officers say showed that he'd just called it.

Wright was then placed under arrest.

“Stealing from someone when you are pretending like you are helping them is pretty low,” Sheriff Matthews said in a statement.

Matthews said because Wright has previous property crime convictions, the charges he's facing will include a felony enhancement.