Orangeburg, SC (WLTX) - Orangeburg County residents have had major flooding issues, sometimes the water won't recede for days after a big storm.

Flooding is in part because ditches and watersheds are filled with debris and are not always properly maintained.

Not only is that an issue, but there has been a lot of confusion when it comes to figuring out who to call to take care of the blockages.

Orangeburg County Administrator Harold Young says they are trying to create a specialized map.

The map would show residents who is responsible for the maintenance of a specific ditch or watershed so residents will know who to report issues to.

“They're either a state ditch, a county ditch or a watershed maintained ditch. You need to know who maintains those ditches so that whenever you need those cleaned out or there's a blockage, that it can be reported to the proper entity,” Young said.

The county is applying for a $100,000 grant from the Army Corps of Engineers to study the watersheds to see if there needs to be upgrades like widening and deepening the ditches.

The money will also cover the new map which will show residents the agency responsible for the nearest ditches or watersheds.