Chapin, SC (WLTX) - No one likes to sit in traffic, but that's what residence on and Amicks Ferry Road in Lexington say they have to deal with every day. With new construction in the area, some feel it's about to get worse.

"I've got four grandkids," said Amick's Ferry Road resident Clyde Shealy.

Grandkids Shealy says he's worried about because of the traffic on Amick's Ferry Road.

"It's just so crowded, everybody's bumper to bumper," Shealy said, "it doesn't really slow them down a whole lot it's just crowded and fast."

But some residents say what isn't fast is the commute.

"We moved in in 1980 and it was about a 30 minute commute to town, and now it's 45 to 50 minutes," another resident said.

Some say that's going to get worse with the addition of a new neighborhood and a new elementary school in the area.

"It's going to pretty much push the limit on that, it's going to be terrible," Shealy said. "More accidents and worse accidents."

But not everyone agrees.

"Times change and with time you need to be able to respond to the growth, and the growth is that we need to score here in this area," said Rick Howell, another resident.

Howell says he's not worried about any new traffic.

"Traffic is responded to by our county," Howell said.

The county says they're already on it.

"We can't change anything that's here but we can plan for the future," said Lexington county councilwoman Erin Long Bergeson.

Bergeson says they can plan for the future by changing the area's zoning.

"What we're trying to change a lot of it to is RL4," Bergeson said, "then you can only have homes in the density of four houses per acre."

Bergeson says right now, most of the zoning allows for six houses or more.

"It's not to stop growth, we're just trying to manage growth so we can manage public safety," Bergeson said.

Bergeson says if the community wants less than four homes they're open to that as well.

"We definitely want to do what the citizens want in keeping with what we're allowed to do," Bergeson said.

The Lexington County Council will hold a meeting on May 9th where community members can voice their opinion's on this new zoning. That will happen at the Lexington County administrative building.