Camden, SC (WLTX) - It looks like a banana floating in the water but first responders say the funny looking device is going to save lives.

The Camden Fire Department just purchased a Rapid Deployment Craft (RDC) for short.

“Well the recent floods, really made us aware of the need for this thing, the boat is easily, it stores in a 2x2 cube. It can be rapidly deployed,” Deputy Chief Phil Elliott said. “You can take it to remote locations. In neighborhoods if you needed to move people out of neighborhoods you can tote it. It is very very accessible and usable.”

It is used for rescues and recoveries in swift water, mud or ice.

The life-saving boat only weighs 50 pounds and takes just two minutes to inflate.

“There's limitations for motor boats or limitations for even pond boats. This overcomes all those limitations. This maybe the only craft that can get to you,” Elliott said.

The department purchased it through a grant from International Paper. The device costs $5000.

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