Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The gas prices are going up everywhere, including here in the Midlands. Some gas stations are charging 40 cents a gallon more than they did two days ago.

Colonial Pipeline shut down its main Northeast line Wednesday because of damage and refinery outages west of Lake Charles, Louisiana. But on Thursday, the company said two of the lines will continue to operate east of Lake Charles. The company also stated deliveries will be intermittent, and they hope to be able to return to service from Houston on Sunday.

This shutdown has caused a spike in gas prices across the state. According to the state's Emergency Management Division chief public information officer, Derrec Becker, the pipelines to South Carolina are at 100 percent capacity.

There are two major pipelines in the state: Colonial Pipeline, which comes from Alabama and Plantation Pipeline, which runs from Charleston to the upstate.

Becker and Triple A say the Midlands are seeing a fluctuation in gas prices because of what it happening in Texas, but it's also Labor Day weekend.

Triple A is asking drivers not to panic: fuel normally. They said the only way we will start seeing a shortage is if everyone heads to the gas station all at once.