CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A wrong-way turn quickly turned an Easter weekend visit to Charlotte into a trip to the hospital for a Midlands grandfather.

Russell Carlile suffered four broken ribs and a swollen eye in what it is suspected to be an incident of road rage. Carlile says it all started when his wife mistakenly made a wrong turn at the intersection of 5th Street and Tryon in uptown Saturday night.

The suspect swung a punch at Carlile, knocking him out on the concrete. He told NBC Charlotte's Alex Shabad that he never saw it coming.

“On the way back home from seeing the grandkids,” says Carlile, who was sporting a neck brace Monday. "It was all swollen up (his eye) yesterday, I couldn't even open it."

Video from Saturday shows Carlile carried off on a stretcher. He was motionless after the suspect punched him.

“I didn’t provoke him or anything,” says Carlile.

Carlile says his wife mistakenly turned their silver pickup the wrong way on 5th Street.

“We were trying to get turned back around,” says Carlile.

Carlile says that’s when the other driver’s car charged at theirs. The suspect got out and was shouting.

“I couldn’t understand what he was hollering and screaming about, so I went to get out of the truck and soon as I got out of the truck he hit me and that’s all I remember because he knocked me out,” says Carlile.

NBC Charlotte’s Alex Shabad witnessed the assault and he saw the suspect take off immediately after. The suspect got away in a black sedan south on Tryon.

Carlile says he never expected the suspect would hit him.

“I had no idea or I wouldn’t have gotten out of the truck,” says Carlile.

From now on, he says he’ll stay inside his truck.

Carlile says it will likely take a couple months for his ribs to recover. Police say there are no arrests in this case yet.