Columbia, SC (WLTX) - One Midlands interfaith group celebrated Ramadan on Sunday by helping feed those in need at Finlay Park.

The interfaith group Knowledge Erases Hate partnered up with Food Not Bombs for what they call a People's Picnic. Volunteers cook up a dish and bring it to share with anyone who wants a meal.

Aisha Miller, founder of Knowledge Erases Hate, says feeding the hungry is not only a big part of Ramadan, but our responsibility as fellow community members.

"I just think that if we get down to the humanness of our fellow community members and think about our similarities, that we wouldn't want anybody to be hungry," Miller said. "So I feel like when it comes to hunger, we should put those things aside and come together as a community to make sure that none of our neighbors are hungry. Especially during Ramadan."

The groups were able to feed about 200 people.

If you would like to volunteer with Food Not Bombs, you can call their Columbia chapter at 803-331-6383 or 803-360-9784. They distribute food at Finlay Park every Sunday from 1PM-2PM.