Columbia, SC (WLTX)- Westwood High School Principal, Dr. Cheryl Guy won $20,600 on the game show Jeopardy! after trying for 30 years.

Dr. Guy says the whole experience was surreal. She auditioned three times and finally got a call to participate, the episode aired on Thursday January 12th.

It was a very tight competition but Dr. Guy took the win with a religion question. "There is no study guide, it is just anything that you know, I'm just very fortunate that I taught history I taught geography I read very widely I love to watch TV and movies" said Dr. Guy.

Alex, the host brought up the school's annual Renaissance Festival where Dr. Guy dresses up as a queen. She says the cast asked for five interesting facts but she had no idea he was going to bring that one up on the show.

Dr. Guy will appear on the show again on Friday as a returning champion.