Columbia, SC (WLTX) - People in the Midlands are weighing in on whether or not it is appropriate to kneel during the National Anthem at sporting events.

News 19 found that the majority of people we talked to throughout Columbia at least knew of the debate, even if they weren't avid football fans. As you might imagine, opinions were very divided.

"I don't like it, that they kneel during the National Anthem," said Timothy Mixon. "It's disrespectful."

"You can't ask for anything more, it's a peaceful demonstration," said Thomas Washington. "He doesn't agree, so he's making his stance known."

"There's freedom of speech, and then there's a place to be respectful," Mixon said.

"If it wasn't for the 60's and further back, we wouldn't be as far as we are now," Washington said. "So he has every right, and not just a right, it's almost like he has an obligation."

"I was in the military myself, and I know if I saw someone kneeling during the national anthem he'd probably get knocked out," Mixon said.

"I think it's just hard for people to put themselves in others' shoes a lot of the time, and I think of more people do that then they would see the other side of the story and not just their own," said Austin Duncan.