Swansea, SC (WLTX)- A Midlands woman runs her business on faith.

With fudge, pralines, mixes and more, Heidi Black and her business Faithful Foods donates thousands of dollars.

“All the recipes come out of this very goofy mind right here so in that way they're very different,” Black explained. “They're all handmade. They're all made lovingly.”

In her little factory in her backyard, Black cooks up dozens of different treats.

“They're all my own recipes,” Black said. “We do lots of fudge. We do pralines. We do shortbread.”

She started the business back in 1995 fueled by her love of cooking and faith.

“God has been so good to me and to all of us and I just, it's just important, you got to give back anyway we can,” Black said.

She donates to many different nonprofit organizations and gives left over food to food pantries.

“This is a kind of a goofy world right now, but there's so much good going on and rarely is the good shown and uh I want to just make sure that people know that we're that we're really out there trying there's a lot of people who want to make the world a better place,” Black said.

Spreading love through the power of her hands and her heart is what she wants to be known for.

“She loved what she was doing and hoped she helped somebody else in the process of doing it,” Black said fighting back tears.

Faithful Foods raised $800 for flood victims last year.

They're hoping to raise just as much if not more for the victims of Hurricane Matthew through their fudge sales.

For more information, please visit: http://faithfulfoods.com/