Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A brand new development at the end of the Gervais Street bridge in Columbia will run smack into the historic Mill Village neighborhood, and residents there are not pleased.

Forty Mill Village residents gathered at the West Columbia City Hall on Thursday to voice their concerns about the Brookland development that was given the green light last year.

"I think a lot of it's just a logistical nightmare," said Mill Village homeowner Andy Boyd.

"We're really worried about parking and all this new traffic that's going to be coming on our roads," said Mill Village resident Alison Moons.

Parking and traffic flow seemed to be the biggest issue for most of the residents.

"We live in a historic neighborhood, so it was not designed for the amount of traffic," Moons said.

"People are already parking on the side of the street rather than parking up on the right of way," said Lexie Chatham. another resident.

To help get neighborhood feedback, the city of West Columbia posted a list of possible parking options on the wall. Residents were given green stickers to place on their preferences.

"Our goal is not to try to make everybody happy but to come up with the best solution for this problem," said City Councilman Tem Miles.

Miles says although he did not vote for the Brookland project, it could be a good addition to the area.

"These are big changes in an area that's kind of been a forgotten corner of the city," Miles said.

Miles says he's still not sure what the parking solution might be, but that he wants to give residents the opportunity to voice their opinions.

"What we don't want to have happen is someone not to have an opportunity to express some interest that one, we could've addressed, or two, we could've considered."

Expressing interest is exactly what Boyd urges residents to do.

"Just to have opinions heard and figure out how they're going to get this right, because once they're done with it, they're done," Boyd said.

No decisions were made at this meeting. The city says they will take all of the suggestions they received and then come up with a plan to present.