The inmate who escaped from the Lamar County jail has apparently broken free before.

Christopher Nicholas Carroll broke through two walls and slithered through an opening in a fence to escape his solitary confinement cell early Wednesday morning.

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He's well known to law enforcement in his hometown area and Bamberg County Sheriff Ed Darnell said he has known him his entire life.

Darnell said this is the third time Carroll has escaped a facility, but noted that he has never hurt anyone; Carroll is also not believed to be armed.

"He can get out of jail house quicker than anybody I know," Darnell said.

Darnell said Carroll stole a vehicle when he broke out of the Bamberg jail when he was a juvenile some years ago.

With the help of a GPS tracker on the county van he allegedly stole, Lamar County authorities tracked Carroll to a town in South Carolina that's more than two hours away. That was Wednesday morning around 7:00 a.m.

The van was abandoned miles away from his mother's home in Olar, South Carolina. Allendale County Sheriff Tom Carter said it's unclear if Carroll has tried to reach out to family. But, family and residents inside the perimeter have been notified.

Several law enforcement departments set up a perimeter and used blood hounds and a helicopter to track him. They lost his scent when he went into a swamp, Carter said.

Darnell said he was last spotted in Allendale County when he was seen coming out of the woods in a black jumpsuit. His orange jail jumpsuit was reportedly found in an old abandoned building.

Darnell said finding Caroll is "only a matter of time."

He's been on the run for more than 24 hours and while authorities are standing down for now, they say they're ready to respond if there is a sighting.

Carroll was being held in Lamar County after being arrested on Oct. 30 when he was found driving a vehicle that was stolen in South Carolina.

According to White, he fought officers during his arrest and even tried to take one of the officer's weapons. He was charged with three counts of obstruction because of that and sentenced to five years in prison. This was in addition to the charges he faced in South Carolina.

Carroll didn't know this, but he was scheduled to be transferred to prison on Thursday.

He is described as a white man, 5'9, and 165 pounds. White said Carroll didn't have shoes when he escaped.

Here is how authorities said he was able to escape.