Cayce, S.C. (WLTX) - Last year EB Development firm added a page to their website that featured a project called the Columbia Capital Outlets, but no work was being done on the mentioned property that sits along Saxe Gotha Drive near the 12th Street Extension in Cayce.

Most recently, construction crews have been on site clearing the land.

SCANA confirmed to News 19 that they own the land, but are preparing it for future development.

EB Development said they know that SCANA is preparing the land, but would not comment any further.

Residents are talking though. Some said they would like to see the development.

"It'd be more accessible for the neighborhood, very convenient, very close. And that would help a lot. People from even like Swansea and Gaston would be able to come there and use that facility also," Ken Hooker said.

Others said they rather see the land left alone.

"It sucks. This neighborhood used to be real quiet before they built the 12th Street Extension, before they built the tennis clubs down there, the apartments and I know progress has got to come, but some neighborhoods need to stay quiet," William Freeman said.

Elise Partin, the Mayor of Cayce said that the city has no new information to comment on.