West Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The South Carolina Emergency Management Division prepared for Monday's total solar eclipse since last November.

But it was a quiet day for the SCEMD as everyone throughout the state was gearing up for the solar eclipse.

"We just wanted to make sure that if there are no requests for resources from our public safety agencies, locally, county emergency managers, that at least the lines of communication are there," said Derrec Becker, the chief public information officer of SCEMD.

Employees spent Monday monitoring traffic, but there weren't any big traffic issues before or during the eclipse.

"We've been monitoring the situation and keeping in contact with all the county and emergency managers. We've been checking social media because that's where people like to address any issues first. Obviously the traffic issue is a big thing," said Becker.

The Department of Transportation closed the rest areas on I-95 and I-26 because it was at capacity and the rest areas will be closed as long as it's a public safety hazard.

Becker said their main concern right now is the influx in traffic heading out of the state.

"We had always planned on not having any major incidents. We didn't expect any big traffic tie-ups. We knew traffic was going to be heavy, and that was going to the big issue for folks. But people seemed to be trickling in, but now the concern now, is that when the eclipse is over, people heading out of town and heading to the airport. But what we are recommending is stay a little while longer. Enjoy South Carolina. Enjoy your full eclipse experience," said Becker.