Sumter, SC (WLTX) - More budget cuts could be coming to the Sumter School District.

“The unfortunate issue is that we need to cut our budget,” says Scott Allan, financial consultant for the district.

The $6.8 million dollars in budget cuts made at the beginning of the year may not be enough going forward.

“A much as I know that it can get emotional and difficult,” says Allan. “If you don’t have the money, you don’t have the money.”

Allan delivered some hard news to board members at Monday night’s meeting.

“The goal of this budget moving forward is that there won’t be money for more positions.”

That means that the district may continue to move teachers around to accommodate classes that could be losing faculty to things like retirement and illness.

During the public comment period educators spoke out about class sizes and say that teachers are having to pay for more supplies than normal.

“We hope that they would go back to reconsider and make sure that their decisions don't impact the teachers and then impact the students,” says Bernadette Hampton, president of the South Carolina Education Association.

There was also talk that the board keeps going in circles on the real causes of their financial pitfalls…one man says public trust is out the window.

“This situation has been going on long enough and there's still no disciplinary actions concerning the misuses of funds that happened last year and no one has really given us any answers,” says Rossi Ramsey, with the Sumter Baptist Missionary & Education Association. “The auditor gave us solutions, but there are no clear answers.”

Going forward the district is also cutting overtime, unless necessary. Dr. Frank Baker announced during the meeting that 98 percent of the overtime from the last pay period went to transportation personnel.