Today, South Carolina National Guard troops returned to the state following a mission in Puerto Rico.

Their mission was to command and control all the United States Army National Guard aviation assets, 20 of which came from South Carolina.

"Everybody that we worked with from different states were wonderful. They were all motivated and the ability to come in and just work and help the citizens of Puerto Rico was wonderful," said U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Leslie, Commander of the 2-151st Security and Support Aviation Battalion of the South Carolina National Guard.

During the mission, the battalion spent a great amount of time working with locals.

"The conditions are still bad but they are improving and we attribute it a lot to the support of the Puerto Rican civilians and with the Army aviation helicopter asset, with [the] moving of commodities, helping with the securing of the electrical power grid," Leslie said.

Professionalism and the ability to work proved important to making an impact.

Although, the mission is ongoing and there will be troops relieving the battalion, the ultimate goal is to "turn it back over to the Puerto Rican National Guard," Leslie said. "And we are very thankful that we were able to help the citizens of Puerto Rico."