Holly Hill, SC (WLTX) National Weather Service meteorologists will be conducting a survey of the damage in Holly Hill Friday.

News 19 meteorologist Efren Afante says the survey focuses not on what was destroyed, but how it was destroyed. For example, they look at the type of trees, where the tree breaks and where it fell. When surveyors look at buildings, they assess how the building was designed to see what type of force is needed to knock it down.

Efren says some storms that are believed to be tornados, can also be straight-line wind damage.

For this roof in Holly Hill, the National Weather Service will see how the building was constructed to determine the strength of the winds that damaged the building; while also looking at how the roof landed and what it looked like after the storm. In addition to Holly Hill, they will look at the areas down Highway 453 headed toward Four Holes.

The National Weather Service tries to assess the damage as quickly as possible. Usually the day following the storm.