Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Richard Strauss owns the Columbia Craft Brewing Company. It's the latest edition to an area of Columbia that continues to grow with an influx of apartments, shops and restaurants.

"We will have a 15 barrel system, a three vessel 15 barrel system and then we'll have a tasting room where we'll serve. We'll have twelve taps in here," Strauss said.

Many of those businesses are filling abandoned buildings. Strauss is one of them, applying for a tax credit with the City of Columbia for the revitalization. Saun Piggott is head brewer and hopes to be a part of the growth with a variety of brews including 'Famously Gold' and 'Famously Stout'.

"If I can create something consistently at a high quality that's full of flavor and someone enjoys it, that's the whole point," Piggott said.

Student living and other apartments targeting young professionals have also filled the once quiet area along Greene, Pulaski and Lincoln Streets including Pulaski Square, 650 Lincoln, Green Crossing and the Apartments at Palmetto Compress.

"The downtown area, the university area and the Vista area is very vibrant," said Strauss.

And Tim Robertson with Todd & Moore said aside from the traffic congestion it's been a positive change bringing in more customers.

"The clothing and so forth that the kids use a lot of times or wear or interested in buying is a little different," he said. "We have bought more to gear towards them in terms of not only merchandise, but sizing and colors."

Columbia Craft Brewing Company is planning on opening in September.