Columbia, SC (WLTX) - If you have ever thought about starting your own business, or jumping into the technology and engineering field, there’s a new space for you.

The Bakery at BullStreet officially opened its doors on Friday afternoon.

The Bakery got its name from the patients that used to work in the building, creating pastries, when it was run by the Department of Mental Health.

Now, people are cooking up ideas for the next big thing.

"We want people to be leaders and makers,” says Heather Dughaish, campus manager for The Iron Yard. “Which requires some tech skills."

Dughaish is the campus manager for The Iron Yard.

"The Iron Yard, we are a full emersion, 12-week, programming boot camp,” says Dughaish. “So we take people from zero to front engineer, which is really an entry level position within the tech field."

She partnered with Greg Hilton from SOCO, a CoWorking platform for entrepreneurs.

They both want to help write a new narrative for the city when it comes to innovation.

"There are the communities that consume and there are the communities that create,” says Hilton. “What we think is absolutely fundamentally important for the next hundred years of our growth here is to build a community of people that create things the rest of the world needs."

One of those creators is Colin Griffin.

"I have a company called Krumware and we develop what we called progressive web applications."

Griffin's company brings the speed and functionality of phone apps to a web page, but he grew his idea in one of SOCO's CoWorking spaces.

"I knew I was taking a big leap and I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to take the chance to see if I could do something meaningful and do something big. Here, you're around people that are doing great things within Columbia."

Hilton and Dughaish hope that The Bakery at BullStreet will continue to inspire makers and creators in the Midlands.

For more information on the new space, check out their website here.