Columbia, SC (WLTX)- A new film looks at the current state of policing in America, where the Richland County Sheriff's Department was featured.

A full theater watched the hour long film then had a discussion with Deputy Chief Chris Cowan from RCSD and Seth Stoughton, with the University of South Carolina.

Questions about profiling, institutional racism and militarization of the police force were all discussed.

Stoughton had people do an activity that really stuck with Royale Diamond. He asked people to stand up and raise their hands but addressed half of the crowd with a calm tone and the other in an aggressive tone. The side that was asked to stand up did it without hesitation and the side that was yelled to stand up did not.

Diamond said he felt like most cops elevated the violence with their tone alone.

Deputy Chief Cowan wanted to stress one thing, "there's a cultural change in law enforcement going to the guardian mindset from the warrior mindset."

All a fairly recent phenomena but Cowan said, "we're spending a lot of time on our personnel talking about unconscious bias, implicit bias, teaching our personnel to think and to listen and spending a lot of time and a lot of resources on training our personnel to listen to what the community needs and work with the community."