One Columbia couple is looking for answers after their moving truck was stolen Sunday night.

"Moving all of our furniture in, mainly the big things. Then it started down pouring so we took a break," said Phipps.

After locking up the U-Haul, they went inside for around two hours to escape the rain but they had no idea what a storm was brewing in their future.

"The U-Haul was gone and that was within an hour and a half that someone had taken it," said Phipps.

Their truck had many of their personal belongings, from furniture to jewelry and tax information.

Monday afternoon they got a call from Columbia police saying that they found the U-Haul at an apartment complex on Ardincaple Drive, but a lot of their things were destroyed and Phipps lost something very special.

"The main thing I'm upset about is that I had an emerald diamond ring that was from my great-grandmother that was passed down. So that definitely had some sentimental value," said Phipps.

One thing they are both happy about is that they paid for the $14 insurance offered to protect their belongings and the truck.

"None of this would have been covered. If the U-Haul wasn't discovered, we would have had to pay forty-eight thousand dollars for the truck," said Phipps.

At the end of the day, Phipps says this is a lesson for everyone.

"I just hope that this is a learning lesson for everybody else out there about to move into the dorms or apartment complexes around Columbia. Definitely make sure you leave the car locked and even though ours still got broken into and taken but don't keep anything sentimental in the car unless you're ready to move it in your place," said Phipps.

Columbia police are continuing to investigate the incident and hope to find the people who stole the truck. If you have any information, you are asked to call Crimestoppers at 1-888-Crime-SC.