Columbia, SC (WLTX) – The club that was shut down after a weekend shooting is in an area that has had some troubles before.

Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook shut down Empire Supper Club at 920 Lady Street where a shooting happened Saturday morning that injured eight people.

Holbrook announced hours after the incident that he had declared the Vista nightclub a public nuisance, and had revoked its business license.

The business is now padlocked.

Holbrook said they have had problems with the business in the past.

It had been open for 18 months.

Before it was Empire, it was Lucky 13 and a had a different owner.

Lucky 13 was shut down and called a nuisance and danger to the community after a shooting back in 2014.

Police say they responded to calls there about weapons violations, assaults, marijuana, and overcrowding.

“I know I've seen people posting to just tear the building down I don't think it's the building we looked at that spot when we were thinking about moving and it just we didn't like the fact that it, we wanted a Gervais Street presence so that just didn't work for us,” Shannon Syrbe, co-owner of Nonnah’s Restaurant explained.

Syrbe said she has been in the Vista for 21 years and said she remembers the shooting back in 2014. She said she doesn’t know what can be done to make that area more secure.

Her restaurant is located just across the parking lot from Empire.

“My staff and my customer's safety was the biggest concern for me,” the restaurant owner said. “I wanted to make sure that they did not stay around in the area, luckily we close at midnight so they were long gone and none of them went out after work.”

WLTX has asked the City of Columbia for a list of incidents at Empire and within the area of Lady and Park Streets.

As soon as we hear back we will be sure to pass that information along to you.