Lexington, SC (WLTX) - Drivers heading through the Town of Lexington will be met with construction in the evenings as work on the "SC-6 One-Way Pairs" has started. It's all to help the flow of traffic in the busy area.

Every day 20,000 cars travel on Main Street in downtown Lexington, with 18,000 cars intersecting at North Lake Drive and more than 3,00 at Church Street.

"That will actually allow significantly more cars to cross over main street and therefore, give more green-light time to main street," says Randy Edwards, transportation director for the Town of Lexington.

The one-way pair project is the first project to come from the town's 2 percent Hospitality Tax, that was implemented in 2014. Overall, the project is expected to cost $1.9 million.

Edwards says the goal is to improve efficiency of traffic flow to the area.

"A lot of traffic from the West comes through the town in order to access Columbia, West Columbia and I-20," says Edwards. "So, maintaining an efficient flow of traffic is very important and vital to the area around us as well as the success of downtown Lexington."

Northbound traffic is expected to flow along North Lake Drive, with southbound traffic moving along Church St.

"Various places will include new side walks, new splitter islands which will divert traffic from a current lane into a new lane," says Edwards.

Both roads will also be repaved and painted.

Business owners say they hope the end result will help their customers.

"What they tell us is, 'we love coming, but sometimes traffic is just so bad that we try to pick down times to come,'" says Jerry Addy, owner of Craig Reagin Clothiers. "Where as, we're hoping with the improvements that they're doing that people won't have to think about coming. They'll just know that when they come, they'll have a good experience."

However, there are concerns that the one-ways could make it more difficult for customers to get to shops along Church Street.

Most of the construction will take place at night. Construction is expected to finish in April of 2018.

For more information on the project, check out the town's website here.