Columbia, SC (WLTX)- Benedict College is apologizing for the food shortage students experienced last week.

We first learned about the issue when students e-mailed and called complaining about the food. They shared pictures of their meal including one with sauteed ground beef. As a meal, all by itself.

Kymm Hunter with Benedict College says she's very sorry for that incident but says there is an explanation, "the food was not supposed to come out as just the sautéed ground beef, that was part of a beef stroganoff."

This all started when a food shipment didn't show up on time.

Barry McCauley is the Vice President of Perkins, the company Benedict hired to manage their cafeteria. He explained how it works and why this "isolated incident" had such a domino effect.

Every Tuesday and Friday, the school gets a food shipment. That same day they cook meals for the following 2-3 days, when the shipment missed the deadline McCauley says, "we were forced to put [together] meals with what we had in house."

Students were still, very upset about it.

"Our parents trust us to be here and trust that our needs are going to be taken care of, and the fact that we're not eating or have suffice amount of food to eat, that's a problem" said Monet Miller, a student at Benedict.

She says she loves her school but needs them to improve, "a lot of us can't afford to be spending money outside for food when we're already paying 'X' amount of dollars for our tuition and for our meal plan."

Both Benedict and Perkins took note of the student's concerns.

"If their feedback to us is that they want more options, they want more fruit, our job is to provide it to them so I've heard concerns and I know for a fact we're going to take action on those concerns" McCauley says it'll be a couple of weeks before the students see this change.

As for the school's side, "I think we just need to communicate better with the students, they did not realize the situation with the truck, they did not realize we had to change the menu plan, they did not realize we had to get creative with our food items because of the situation" said Hunter.

One student also complained about the dirty dishes.

She told News19 about one time she picked up a plate with yellow mustard on the bottom. Hunter said their dishwasher has been broken all semester and the most sanitary option was to give them paper plates. She expects it to be fixed within the next few weeks.