Orangeburg, SC (WLTX) -- Orangeburg is bracing down for whatever Hurricane Matthew may bring to the county.

Emergency management has asked anyone living in a mobile home to leave and find somewhere more solid to stay.

Officials say some are taking that advice, but wish more residents would as we head into the overnight.

In this Orangeburg trailer park, running water is just a hint of what is still to come.

It's why John Grant is packing up and heading out.

"Waiting on my sister to pick me up so I can leave and go to Spartanburg. We going to higher ground,” Grant said.

He, like many, is fleeing in the path of Hurricane Matthew.

Orangeburg county says these mobile homes simply will not be able to withstand the pounding winds overnight.

Officials have been using the reverse 911 system to call people living here and warn them to leave.

Catherie Kitt said, "No I'm not going to ride it out I’m raising my great grans and I’m not going to take a chance with their lives or mine.”

And as darkness falls, so does more rain. Emergency Management anticipates anywhere from 2 inches in the western part of the county – to 12 on the eastern edge, closer to the coast.

Because of that, they ask that everyone hunker down overnight and stay off the roads, as they expect downed power lines and trees to be a major hazard.

It’s why Grant is happy to be on the road and out of harms way.

Grant said, "It’s going to get worse than that. I’m scared about what’s going to happen. Long as I got my life I ain't worried about the rest of it now.”