Orangeburg County, SC (WLTX) - Voters in Orangeburg will decide whether or not the capital penny sales tax will stay in place.

On most purchases made in the county, consumers would continue to pay a one percent sales tax which is used for capital projects like road and sewer improvements.

If passed, county leaders say they would have $60 million in revenue for more than 100 projects including water, sewer and road improvements.

County Administrator Harold Young says it's the fairest way to pay for county needs and he says since it's been passed before, consumers won't feel a difference.

“When you do it the first time, it's an additional one cent tax added to your sales tax,” Young explained. “When you pass it after the first time, it's just a continuation of that same penny so you're not adding another penny worth of tax, you're just continuing to collect that same tax for another seven years.”

Young said in the past, the penny sales tax revenue was used to buy an industrial park, water parks and several road improvements.

Director of the Orangeburg County Library Anna Zacherl says she is hoping voters approve the tax so the county can build a new library.

“Our community is so desperately so in need of,” Zacherl said.

Zacherl said the penny tax revenue would provide $4-$5 million for a new library.

She says right now there are only 45 computers available to the public in all of the libraries because there’s just not enough space for more.

“Having a designated computer lab where we can do classes and educate the community just a great space for the public to come together and connect because they're already doing that here,” Zacherl said. “We need to give them more space so that they can be even better.”

Voters will make the decision on the tax on November 8 and if approved this would be the fourth time since 1998 that Orangeburg County voters have approved the penny sales tax.

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